Diagnosis of Melanoma cancer

Diagnosis process of Melanoma Cancer usually involves some imaging technique and advanced screening methodologies. You may check the complete detail of this cancer from this link; what is Melanoma Cancer?

Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

The diagnosis of Lung cancer comprises of various tests. If you want to know more about the lung cancer then just click on this link; what is lung cancer?

Diagnosis of Lymphoma cancer

The diagnosis of Lymphoma cancer is performed when the patient noticed the signs and symptoms of the cancer. The complete introduction of lymphoma cancer is on hand at this page; what is lymphoma cancer?

Diagnosis of Liver Cancer

In order to determine the stage of liver cancer, a doctor use different blood tests, diagnostic imaging, biopsy, or a combination of such diagnosis processs. If you want to know the detail of liver cancer then just follow this page ; what is liver cancer?

Diagnosis of Larynx Cancer

The larynx cancer’s diagnosis process involves various testsand methodologies that help the doctor in identification of exact cause of larynx cancer and its suitable treatment.

Diagnosis of Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is not very common in the people of US therefore we find only some diagnosis and screening tests of this cancer.  The detail introduction of this cancer is posted at this page ; what is Kidney cancer?

Diagnosis of Eye Cancer

In order to identify the effective treatment of the eye cancer, the doctor needs to thoroughly evaluate the patient’s condition. Interested to get the knowledge of eye cancer, just follow this link; what is eye cancer? . The diagnosis method of this cancer is started with the physical examination.

Diagnosis of Gastrointestinal cancer

The diagnosis process of gastrointestinal cancer comprises of various test and procedure.  You may get the detail of this cancer from this page ; what is gastrointestinal cancer? The diagnosis process starts with the physical exam and after checking the medical history, sign and symptoms of cancer doctor suggest different tests.

Diagnosis of Esophageal cancer

The doctors suggest the best treatment for the esophageal cancer only when they carefully diagnose the problem. If you haven’t any knowledge about Esophageal cancer then you should first follow this link; what is Esophageal cancer?. The diagnosis process of this cancer begins with the physical exams.

Diagnosis of Gallbladder cancer

The doctors used different tests in the diagnosis of Gallbladder cancer. If you want to read the detail introduction of this cancer then just follow this link; what is Gallbladder cancer? Normally the doctors consider different factors and things before suggesting a test for the diagnosis of this cancer. For example age and medical condition, previous test results, the type of cancer suspected and severity of symptoms are some factors that must have to considered by the doctors before recommending any treatment and test of Gallbladder tumor.

Diagnosis of Kaposi’s sarcoma

Kaposi’s sarcoma on the skin is not considered fatal for the life but when this sarcoma appears on other areas of body then it may prove dangerous. The doctors start the diagnosis of Kaposi’s sarcoma from the   information of medical history so that they get the complete idea about the medical condition of the patient.  It is possible that the previous illnesses and sexual history may help the doctor to find out  the exact cause of Kaposi’s Sarcoma. After examining the medical history the doctors proceed with a physical examination. In this exam the doctors fully check up the area where the sign of this tumor has appeared first.

Diagnosis of head and Neck Cancer

In order to find out the real cause of head and neck cancers, the doctors employ the different diagnosis processes that let them to get the complete understanding of problem.  At the start of diagnosis process, physician demands the medical history of the patient so that he evaluate it carefully and after that a complete phycial examination is administered.

Diagnosis of Endocrine Tumor

The diagnosis process of Endocrine tumor or cancer includes different physical exams and test. If you want to get the complete understanding of Endocrine tumor diagnosis then it is better to know first what is Endocrine Tumor?

Diagnosis of Colon Cancer

The diagnosis of colon cancer sometimes occur before the first symptoms appearance of it and at that time it is most curable.  Interested to know about the colon cancer then just visit this page, what is colon cancer?

The diagnosis process of colon cancer includes few tests that are performed by physician in order to know more about colon problems. Normally the diagnosis process starts with physical exams; in which doctor press the belly area. In this exam a doctor rarely come to know about any problem. He may or may not feel the mass.

Some tests includes

Fecal occult blood test (FOBT):

This test come just after the physical exam and in order to get the exact diagnosis result physician combined it with colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy; because without this combination this test is often negative in patients with colon cancer. But you must note a point that the positive result of FOBT doesn’t implies that the patient has targeted by cancer.

Following are some imaging tests used to detect the cause of colon cancer.


It comprises of the visual examination of colon and rectum with the help of a thin flexible tube having a lighted camera inside its tip named as colonscope. This internal camera transmits the images of colon to the television screen. If the doctors find small polyps during this procedure then they readily remove it through an instrument .While for large polyps , they suggest you the best treatment of colon cancer.

Visual Colonscopy/ CT colongraphy

It is an alternative method of colonoscopy and based on the advanced technology. In this method the detailed cross-sectional images of abdomen are created with the mean of a CT scanner. These images make it feasible for the doctors to clearly diagnose any cancerous cell growth of patient’s colon.


This physical test is similar to colonscopy; through this method physician examine the sigmoid (the last two feet of your intestine) and the rectum. This method isn’t commonly used by the physician because it is not helpful in detecting the abnormalities of upper two-thirds of colon.


Probe-Based Laser Confocal Endomicroscopy

This is an advanced test that is used during colonscopy. With it the physician tries to distinguish benign from malignant polyps. A fibreoptic probe is passed through an endoscope to see the polyps.  The basic purpose of this method to save the time, effort and money that is involved in the removal of unnecessary polyps of patients.

Live Function test :

When the doctor confirmed that colon cancer existence in patient then this test is performed to get an idea about the extent and stage of cancer. It also known as the staging test in which exact stage of cancer is diagnosed.  This test includes the CT scan or MRI scan of the abdomen, pelvic area, chest, or brain. A physician may go for PET scan for detecting the stage of colon cancer.