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Diagnosis of Womb cancer

The diagnosis of Womb cancer includes various tests and procedures the purpose of which is to determine the extent, stage and cause of womb cancer. Normally doctors start diagnostic procedure after complete examination and evaluation of the patient’s body, medical history, past illness, medication, family history.

Causes of womb cancer

Womb cancer is the fourth common cancer in the UK woman. If you are interested to know me about womb cancer then you can read it detail on this page; what is womb cancer?

What is Womb Cancer Or Womb Uterus Cancer

Womb cancer affects around six thousand women a year in the UK and typically only affects the over 50s. Womb cancer is only classified as such when it affects the womb lining if it is anywhere else it is classified a different way. This type of cancer can become very serious as the womb is very close to parts of the immune system and that can give the cancer areas to spread too.

The exact causes for this type of cancer are unknown although obesity is believed to be a factor in its development, faulty genes are occasionally a factor but the vast majority simply have unknown causes. Typical symptoms are vaginal bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge and pain in the vaginal area, although these symptoms could mean many things and it is best to check with a doctor before assuming the worst.