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Diagnosis of Vulva cancer

The Diagnosis of Vulvar cancer is begin with the physical exam and doctor tries to know the more about the patient of vulva cancer. If you are interested to know the detail of vulva cancer then just click on this link what is vulva cancer?

Causes of Vulva Cancer

For the doctors, it is really difficult to indicate the exact cause of this cancer; however they know that this cancer start growing when a cell develops mutations in its DNA. Due to this mutation a cell grows and starts developing rapidly. The accumulated cells takes place of other cells and start invading nearby tissue and at last spread to other parts of body. This is a summary of what is Vulva cancer? If you are interested to know this cancer in detail then just clicks on the link.

What is Vulva Cancer?

Vulva cancer affects the area between a woman’s legs that area is known as the vulva and cancer can occur anywhere in that area.  There are various types of vulva cancer, some grow slowly, some grow quickly and one type takes many years to develop. The cancer itself is very rare only a thousand women in the UK are affected by it per year, the cancer is not infectious and the causes of it are unknown.

Typical symptoms include, itching or soreness of the vulva, a lump or wart-like growth or a mole on the vulva that changes shape or colour. These symptoms could be related to another condition so it is advised to check with a doctor before performing a self-diagnosis.