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Diagnosis of unknown primary cancer

Diagnosis of unknown primary cancer involves various test and techniques. The complete introduction of unknown primary cancer is available here. What is Unknown Primary Cancer?

Causes of unknown primary cancer

Unknown primary cancer is among the most common type of cancers that are digonesed frequently in the UK. In this case of cancer, the specialist find it difficult to identify the exact area where the cancerous cells grow. You may get the detailed information  of this cancer from the page; what is unknown primary cancer? .According to one study about 3 out of 100 cancer patients are affected by primary unknown cancer.

What is Unknown Primary Cancer?

Unknown primary cancer is actually a general term when cancer has been found but the doctors do not know where it has originated from, which is known as the primary. It usually affects between three and four percent of cases and after a quick examination of the area the primary is usually located. However in some cases the primary cancer cannot be found simply because it is either too small to be seen on a scan or the immune system has already destroyed it.

The cancer varies from case to case depending on where the primary was and the treatment also varies as a result. It is crucial for the doctor to attempt to locate the primary as finding what is in affect an offshoot of it means that the cancer is spreading.