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Diagnosis of Testicular Cancer

Diagnosis of Testicular Cancer begins with the Physical examination. You can get the detail of this cancer from this page what is Testicular Cancer?

Causes of testicular cancer

The causes of Testicular cancer are unknown for the doctors but with the increase in its victims and through advanced technology doctors got some idea of its risk factors and probable causes. But before moving further you must have an idea of what is Testicular cancer? And you’ll get this idea by simply following the link.

What is Testicular Cancer?

Testicular cancer is a form of cancer that appears to be increasing in frequency the rate of men being affected by this has doubled in the last forty years. It also a cancer that can be treated extremely effectively if it is caught at an early stage with a 98% success rate if it is diagnosed at the grade 1 stage.

Typically the first symptom of testicular cancer is a pea-sized growth on the testicle; it is usually painless although it can cause some pain in the area. Men are advised to check their testicles on a regular basis so that it is caught as early as possible, once a month is the minimum amount of checking that is advised although that is obviously up to personal preference. If swelling is found on the testicle it is vitally important to see a doctor to have it checked as if it is cancer it can spread and it can kill.