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Diagnosis of Spinal Cord Cancer

Diagnosis of Spinal Cord Tumor becomes somewhat difficult for the doctors as the symptoms and signs of Spinal Cord cancer resembles with normal condition. You may get the detail introduction of this cancer from this page; what is Spinal Cord Tumor?

Causes of Spinal Cord Cancer

Although there are number of cancers ,the causes of which are not known by  exactly yet among all the cause of spinal cord is really difficult to predict for the doctors. It is a known fact that this cancers originates due to genetic defects as spinal tumors cells contains a number of abnormal genes. What is Spinal Cord Cancer? Want to know about its detail then kindly click on the link.

What is Spinal Cord Tumours?

Spinal cord tumours are growths of tissue found in or near the spinal cord. The spinal cord is part of a human body’s Central Nervous System and usually the cells within the CNS grow in a controlled way, however occasionally a tumour can form due to unknown reasons that are still being researched.

More commonly the tumour is simply a part of a cancer elsewhere in the body, however occasionally a tumour can form on its own either inside or on the outer lining of the spinal cord itself.