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Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

Diagnosis of Skin Cancer is very much depending on the biopsy methods. If you want to know the detail about the skin cancer then just follow this link what is Skin Cancer?

Causes of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is very severe form of cancer so if you want to know its detail then go to this page .What is Skin cancer? The major cause of skin cancer is the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Energy from sun is a form of radiation that combines the visible and other invisibles rays. UV radiation is also categorized under invisible rays. When our skin is exposed to this radiation then the intense energy of it leads to sunburn and sun tan cases.

What is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is a growth or tumour on the skin. Skin is the outer tissue, which forms the outer covering of the body. It contains two main layers:  The dermis, or cutis Vera, the inner or true skin lying beneath the epidermis, the epidermis or cuticle, forming the outer coat. The skin continuously shed its outer cells as scales. Skin cancer mostly occurs on the epidermis (outer layer). This makes it clearly noticed and detectable in early stages. Unlike other cancers, skin cancer rarely kills its victims. Non-melaroma skin cancers are most common and are usually localized tumours caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation of the sun and they do not spread.