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Diagnosis of Penis cancer

Diagnosis of Penis Cancer helps the doctor to suggest an effective  treatment for the patient.  What is penis cancer, this page helps you to get the detail introduction of Penis Cancer.

Causes of Penis Cancer

Just like all other cancers the doctors don’t know exactly what cause the Penis cancer. However, the researchers bring into light the main and minor causes of penile cancer .What is Penis Cancer? Want to know then follow the link.

What is Penis Cancer?

Penis is the male organ of copulation. Penis cancer is a growth found either on the skin or in the tissue of the penis. Penis cancer can only spread to other parts of the body; the penis is rarely a secondary organ. There are five main stages of the development of penis cancer. The first stage is when the penis glands or the foreskin is affected, followed by infection of the shaft of the skin. This is followed by infection of the penis and the surrounding lymph nodes and eventually beyond the groin area into other parts of the body. The fifth stage is if the cancer is a recurrent after treatment.