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Causes of Neuroendocrine Tumor

When you have an idea about the risk factor or cause of your disease then it becomes really easy for you to discuss about it with your physician in detail and same is true for Neuroendrocrine Tumor .If you don’t know about this, please follow this link what is Neuroendocrine Tumor?

What is Neuroendocrine Tumour?

A Neuroendocrine tumour is a swelling or a mass of abnormal tissue which resembles the normal tissue in structure but which has no benefit or function and they grow at the body’s expense. The term neuro refers to nerves while endocrine is the process of secreting internally (in the body) and pertains to the endocrine glands (glands that secret their hormones into the body).

Such glands are pineal, pituitary, thyroid, e.t.c. These glands do not have ducts and secret their hormones into the blood stream for use by other body organs to perform their functions. A neuroendocrine tumour can be either a benign (innocent) tumour (which do not infect the surrounding tissues or organs) or malignant tumour (which infect the surrounding tissues or organs). A benign neuroendocrine tumour can be removed and they in most cases do not recur or grow.