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Diagnosis of Liver Cancer

In order to determine the stage of liver cancer, a doctor use different blood tests, diagnostic imaging, biopsy, or a combination of such diagnosis processs. If you want to know the detail of liver cancer then just follow this page ; what is liver cancer?

Causes of liver cancer

Liver cancer is very different from some of the other kinds of cancer. The various kinds of cancers start from other foci and can spread, but the causes of liver cancer is from the cells of the liver itself. You might wonder what is liver cancer and what are the causes of liver cancer. The answer is not very simple because of the actual causes of cancer and also the different types of liver cancer.

What is Primary and Secondary Liver Cancer?

The percentage of patients who are suffering from the cancer is increasing with the passage of time among these people the proportion of liver cancer is more in comparison of other types of cancer. There is generally two basic categories of liver cancer that is based upon the target point of cancerous cells; one is named as primary liver cancer while other is called secondary liver cancer.

What are Types of Bengin Liver Tumor?

Liver cancer is result of two basic forms of cells such as one in cancerous cells and other is non-cancerous cells. Tumors are cancerous cells and benign is non cancerous cells. When the liver cancer is started due to cancerous cells then it must be treated before it is too late. But when the reason of liver cancer is benign then it may or may not require proper treatment. There are different types of benign tumors of liver such as Hemangiom, Hepatic adenoma, Focal nodular hyperplasia, Cysts , Lipoma , Fibroma and Leiomyoma.

What is Liver Cancer?

Liver cancer is a primary cancer that is generally originated in the tissues of liver. Primary liver cancer is totally opposite to liver metasis or secondary form of cancer in which the cancer is started from some organ and tissue of body and after wards the cancer is spread to liver. Thus liver is affected by both types of cancer like primary and secondary forms.

Liver is an organ that is a composite of various cells and two distinct lobes i.e. the right lobe and the left lobe. It is largest as compared to other organ of the body due to which there are number of tumors that become a probable cause of liver cancer. Some tumors are cancerous while other are non cancerous. Malignant are the cancerous tumors while on the other hand benign are non cancerous tumors.

What are Symptoms of Liver Cancer?

The symptoms of liver cancer are different and the presence of these symptoms helps the physician to make the right treatment of liver cancer. A symptom is something that is very distinctive and prominent _ pain that is often felt or revealed by the patients .The Symptoms of any disease are important to make a clear identification of probable stage of any disease by the doctors. It is also important to note that there are no clear symptoms or indication found in the early stage of liver cancer. When the cancerous cells grow rapidly in the target region then the sign and symptoms of liver cancer appear.
Following are the common symptoms of liver cancer such as abdominal swelling, enlarged liver, fatigue, tiredness, general weakness, loss of appetite, unintentional weight b loss, upper abdominal pain, vomiting, malaise, feeling of fullness, nausea, fever,  jaundice, fluid retention, abdominal lump etc.
In case of liver cancer, it has been seen that the most affected area is usually the abdomen region _, the lump in the abdomen begins to grow due to which the patient feels loss of appetite. When the patient of liver cancer stops eating normally then the result is tiredness and fatigue. The swelling of abdomen may result in the frequent vomiting and suffering from fever. Increasing abdominal girth (portal vein occlusion by thrombus with rapid development of ascites) is normal symptom of liver demage that starts to appear in the further stages of cancer.
One important symptoms of liver cancer is the change in the complexion of skin of patient. In the latter stage of liver cancer the skin tone of patient is transformed from white tone to dark yellowish. Another note worthy sign or symptom that is observed in the victim of liver cancer is the yellow color of eyes. Not only the color of skin and eyes of patient of liver cancer change but also the urine’s color becomes darker than before.