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Diagnosis of Larynx Cancer

The larynx cancer’s diagnosis process involves various testsand methodologies that help the doctor in identification of exact cause of larynx cancer and its suitable treatment.

Causes Of Larynx Cancer?

What is larynx cancer? Larynx cancer is the cancer that is caused with infection in the throat and the voice box. It spreads from the Larynx region to the nearby parts of the Larynx. In this type of cancer it is very hard to locate the infection in the initially stages. It is very hard to pretend the causes of this cancer type as there are several causes of the larynx cancer that cause this infection. The main causes of larynx cancer would be due to the two major factors Alcohol and Smoking. Large consumption of Alcohol results in Larynx Cancer as the sprits that the alcohol contains contaminates the epiglottis in the throat.

What is Larynx Cancer?

Larynx is the organ that is responsible for breathing, talking and swallowing and is found on the front portion of the neck muscle which is responsible for the voice emission. It is situated above the windpipe and behind the esophagus. As Cancer is caused with the cells being infected at the Larynx part the cancer is named after it, initially the cancer is developed in the internal parts of the Larynx called glottis. The Larynx cancer cells spread from the infected areas to the other areas of the body first infecting tongue, throat, neck, lungs and other parts of the body. The growth of the extra mass that is found at this stage is called nodules or polyps. The Larynx Cancer is also known as the Throat cancer.