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Diagnosis of Eye Cancer

In order to identify the effective treatment of the eye cancer, the doctor needs to thoroughly evaluate the patient’s condition. Interested to get the knowledge of eye cancer, just follow this link; what is eye cancer? . The diagnosis method of this cancer is started with the physical examination.

Causes of Eye Cancer?

It is believed that genetics plays a big role in the occurrence of eye cancer. However, there may be a difference as is in the case of retinoblastoma. This type of eye cancer infects only one eye. It is believed that if only one eye is infected, it is not hereditary. This is in contrast to, if both eyes are infected when it is believed to be hereditary.

What is Eye Cancer?

Growth of cells in the body is controlled in an orderly and systematic manner. Uncontrolled growth of cells results in eye cancer. This can occur in or outside the eye.

There are basically two main types of eye cancer: Those that occur in the eye, known as intraocular. These include Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (usually develops in the lymph nodes but sometimes develops in the eye), Ocular melanoma (rare and most common in older people over 50 years) and Retinoblastoma (usually common in children under 5 years and is inherited).  Those that occur outside the eye, known as extraocular. These include Non-melanoma skin cancers (develops on the lower eye lid), Rhabdomyosarcoma (rare and common in children and infects the muscles that control the eye) and Squamous cell carcinoma (to be found on the surface of the eyeball, though it is rare).