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Diagnosis of Cervical cancer

Diagnosis of Cervical cancer normally starts with the Pelvic exam and a Pap test. If you don’t know exactly about cervical cancer they you get its detail from this page, what is cervical cancer? If you already know about this cancer then feel free to proceed for its diagnosis.

Causes Of Cervical Cancer?

There is no particular reason why one woman develops cervical cancer and why not another. When the cancer is diagnosed, it’s natural to wonder what has caused the cancer. There is no particular risk factor based on which one can confirm that due to this particular risk factor the woman has developed the cancer. Some of the causes of cervical cancer are: HPV infection – HPV is very common cause of cervical cancer. It spreads from person to person by sexual contact. Every adult gets infected by this virus at one or the other time. However this virus gets cleared up all by itself.

What is Cervical Cancer?

Cervix is the important reproductive organ of woman, which exists in the lower and the narrow part of the female organ Uterus also called as womb. The main cause of cancer is with the cells that build up the human structure. The cycle of human structure is in the way that for every periodic time old cells in the human body dies and new cells are raised. If the new cells production is excess in the human body then they create an extra mass structure in the human body.