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Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

The diagnosis of breast cancer means the identification of tumor based on the signs and symptoms of it. If you want to get an introduction of breast cancer then follow this link; what is breast cancer? There are many tests and procedure that are done for the analysis and diagnosis of breast cancer. In addition to diagnosis the doctors also try to know about some features of cancer such as size, tumor grade, hormone receptor status, HER2/neu oncogene over expression and margins of resection.

Causes Of Breast Cancer?

One of the rapid growing cancers at present in the world is the Breast cancer. Brest cancer is very common in the women so every woman should know that what the breast cancer is and what the best treatment is.

What is Breast Cancer?

One of the dreadful diseases that one out of eight women suffers through out the world is the Breast cancer. With the infection of the Breast Cancer many women fear the decrease in their glamour, undergoing surgery and death. Nothing has been officially declared that the cause of the cancers and if the Breast cancer is in advanced stage then there is nothing the doctors can do.

Breast is formed by the collection of glands called ducts and lobes along with the blood cells and the lymph cells, which are responsible for generating the milk. Like all cancers the Breast cancers occurs with the shortfall of the deoxyribonucleic acid in the cells.