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Diagnosis of bone cancer

The doctors used different techniques and methodologies for the diagnosis of bone cancer. Interested to know about bone cancer? Feel free to visit this page What is Bone cancer? Normally some imagining studies are suggested by the physician for the diagnosis of bone cancer.

Causes Of Bone Cancer?

There are no specific factors identified and determined as yet which cause the bone cancer, but researchers have identified some of the risk factors which are more likely to be the causes of having bone cancer.

The bone cancer is not a contagious or an infectious disease. There are certain risk factors which increase the chance in a person of developing and getting the bone cancer. The risk factors are actually not the reasons and causes of bone cancer, but they may simultaneously act to increase the tendency in an individual to develop the disease.

What is Bone Cancer?

The human body consists of 206 bones. These bones serve up multiple-diverse functions. Firstly, the bones provide composition to the human body and help to provide a framework and shape. Different Muscles are attached to the bones which enable them to move. Without the bones the human body would become just a pile of soft tissues without any shape and structure, not making a person able to move, stand or walk.

Secondly, the bones help to guard the fragile and delicate organs of the human body. For instance, the skull bones protect the brain, the vertebrae of spine protect the spinal cord, and the ribs protect lungs and the heart.