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Diagnosis of Bladder cancer

Today, there come various procedures and methods for the diagnosis of Bladder cancer. If you want to know about the Bladder cancer then follow this link What is Bladder cancer? Before monitoring any test, the doctors usually want to know the sign and symptoms that the patient felt. Some common tests and exams that the doctors used for the diagnosis of this cancer are as follows.

Causes Of Bladder Cancer?

In the present-day world, the researchers and scientist are still not sure about the causes which develop the bladder cancer. Though, they have identified various risk and possible factors for the increase of bladder cancer. The factors are the risks which increase the likelihood and the possibility of developing the bladder cancer. It does not actually guarantee whether the person develops the disease or not.

What is Bladder Cancer?

The bladder is a hollow body organ which is located in the lower abdomen of a human body. It stores the liquid waste which is produced by the kidneys known as the urine. The Urine passes from each kidney into the urinary bladder through a tube called urethra.

An outer layer of muscles environs the inner lining of the bladder. When the bladder is full with the waste, the muscles along the bladder wall tighten to allow the urination. After that, the urine leaves the urinary bladder via the urethra tube.