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Diagnosis of Anal Cancer

The doctors  are employing  different tests and procedure for the diagnosis of anal cancer. If you don’t know what is anal cancer then first you should follow the link. Before staring the diagnosis process normally a doctor demand the medical history of the cancer patients  that lets him to understand more about the your anal problem. He also get the information about the immune system, CD4+ lymphocyte count, medication etc.  it is alos possible that  the doctor want to know about any history of anal warts, dysplasia or anal problems.

Causes Of Anal Cancer?

The exact and accurate causes of the anal cancer are still not known, but mostly the anal cancers are linked to the infections with the HPV; the human papilloma virus( it is found as one of the majors cause of anal cancer). The HPV infection seems to play a crucial role in the growth and development of the anal cancer, however, not every person suffering from the HPV infection do not always get the anal cancer.  Do get to know what the anal cancer is before you read causes.

What is Anal Cancer?

The anal cancer is a disease which is malevolent cancer cells emerging in the tissues of anus. Anus is at the bottom of the large intestine which is below the rectum through which an individual passes the solid waste which is also known as stool.

The anus is formed partially from the outer layered membrane of the body and relatively from the intestine. There are two ring-like muscles which are called the sphincter muscles, they open and close the anal opening to allow the stool waste pass out of the human body. The anal canal is part of the anus, which is between the anal opening and the rectum; it is about 1 and half inches long.