Cancer and Stem Cells

Cancer is a touchy subject for many people because it is so common and the cure always seems to be lagging. Long before, different forms of researches took place to find the cure for cancer including rare diseases. Today, there are still several studies being performed in different medical research centers for the possible cure of the said diseases.

One of the best results of these study leads to the discovery of an important scientific breakthrough: the stem cells. Scientists reported that these stem cells were those obtained from fetal stem cells which become a controversy. Nowadays, scientists uses different sources of stem cells for a possible cure of  certain disease including those fats from different liposuction procedures like those of that liposuction breast tissue, liposuction thigh and tummy areas.

Stems cells rebuild and can be used to manipulate certain areas throughout the body. It is not as common yet as presented in other countries. Many other countries besides the United States have been working on this research for a very long time. China seems to be the more known country because it pushes its publicity on the internet. They also seem to be more reasonable and attainable than other countries. They also have been working on it longer than the United States and have a firm grasp on what needs to be done.

Another country that has been doing a more personalized research is Germany. There are facilities that have found a cure for people with known sugar problems and easier manipulated issues. Germany uses the persons own marrow from a spinal tap to grow needs to be replaced and redistribute it back in the body.

There are four places that are now to have stems cells that can be manipulated for the body. One of which is in the spine. Stem cells can be retrieved by doing a spinal tap on the person. Another place where it can be found is in the placenta when a mother gives birth, you can call a public or private stem cell banking company and the stem cells can be taking directly after birth and sent and stored for future use.

Donor and Donor banks also contribute to Science and Research. The people who donate can sign releases and give their eggs to science to help push the future research for those struggling for a cure.

The final place where stem cells can be found is the most sensitive area to most people. It comes from fetal stem cells. It doesn’t always the best quality of cells because the cells have grown where it could damage the person it’s being injected into.

Stem cells are and coming need for our future, especially for curing rare diseases.


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