Diagnosis of Vaginal Cancer

Diagnosis of Vaginal cancer is comprises of various imaging tests and technique. If you are not know about the Vagina cancer then first visit this page; what is Vaginal cancer?

The following tests and procedures are used in the diagnosis of vaginal cancer:

Physical Exam, medical and Family history:

It includes the complete examination of patient’s body. The doctor gathers the detail about the patient’s illness, medical history, medication, treatments, surgeries and family history of vaginal cancer.

Pelvic Exam:

In this test the doctor completely examined the following areas like vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and rectum. The doctor or nurse  place the hand over lover abdomen in order to check any kind of abnormalities in the size or shape of uterus and ovaries. A speculum may be inserted into vagina  and after that the doctor look into cervix and vagina so that abnormalities can be seen.Through such test the doctor come to know about the cause of vaginal cancer.

Pap smear:

In this test the cells are collected from the surface of the cervix and vagina and this is done with the help of a piece of cotton, a brush, or a small wooden stick ; through any of it the doctor lightly scrap the cervix and vagina and then collected the cells. These cells are examined under a microscope to identify any kind of  abnormalities. This procedure is also known as a Pap test.


It includes the removal of a small amount of tissue sample from the vagina and cervix and then its microscopic examination by a pathologist .


In order to find out the abnormal areas the doctor inserts a lighted flexible tube i.e. colposcope into the cervix or vagina of the patient. The doctor removes the sample tissue via a curette that is a spoon-shaped instrument and then this sample is examined to check the signs of Vaginal Cancer.

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