Diagnosis of Tracheal cancer

Diagnosis of Tracheal Cancer is some what difficult because it is sometimes mistaken for asthma or bronchitis. It is rare form of cancer, you may get the detail of this cancer from this page what is Trachea Cancer.

The laboratory studies are not helpful for determining the treatment and cause of tracheal cancer and usually the doctor suggest some tests for its diagnosis.

Imaging Test used for Trachea Cancer’s Diagnosis

Following test are used in the diagnosis of Tracheal cancer such as


It is a diagnostic procedure that helps the doctor in the evaluation of most pneumonic processes. The basic purpose of it to pinpoint the obstruction whether intrinsic to bronchial /tracheal lumen or extrinsic that causing compression.  This test must be performed under extreme condition because there is high risk of acute airway in this method.

Chest Radio Radiography:

It is less sensitive method that is used in the diagnosis of tracheal cancer. The doctor gets some diagnostic clues like tracheal narrowing, postobstructive atelectasis or pneumonia, or abnormal calcification. With the mean of such clues doctor get an idea about the presence of Tracheal Tumor.

Planar Tomography:

It is a sensitive method used for the diagnosis of Trachea tumor.

CT scan:

This method is preferable than that of Planar Tomography.  It is best perfomed with the help of a spiral or helical scanner as through it the doctor gets the precise volumetric acquisition and multiplanar image display. Moreover this method help in distinguishing the mucosal from submucosal masses and it also let the doctor to know about the extent of mucosal masses in the body.


This imaging technique is employed in case of tracheal tumor as through it the doctor get the better evaluation of  extension into tissue planes and vascular anatomy.

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