Diagnosis of Thymus Cancer

Diagnosis of Thymus Cancer involves many advanced techniques and procedures that help the doctor in identification of exact cause of thymus cancer. The Doctor start the screening process by physical examination of the patient of cancer and thereby he tries to pinpoint any kind of abnormalities in the lower neck area of the patient’s body.

It is also said that the sign and symptoms link with myasthenia gravis,or red cell aplasia,hypogammaglobulinemia  are helpful for he diagnosis of Thymic Cancer. During physical examination the physician also gathered the information about the medical history, past illness and medication of patient

Once sign and symptoms shows the presence of Thymus tumor then the following imaging and other tests are performed to check the extent , prevalence and spread of cancerous cells in  the patient’s body. These tests also assist the doctor in differentiation of cancerous cells and non-cancerous cells.

Imaging tests

Chest x-ray :

It is the first imaging test that is perfomed when the doctor suspects the growth of tumor.  In this test the inside body images are present on a film.It is quite helpful in case of large thymomas but for small thymomas this test is not so effective therefore doctor go for some advanced imaging tests like CAT scan , PET scan and MRI.

Computed tomography (CT) scan

It is an advanced method in which the cross-sectional images of inside body are taken with the mean of an x-ray machine linked with the computer. The images are then studied by the doctors. In order to avoid any kind of mistake the doctor gives a liquid named as oral contrast to patient for drinking , this contrast material differentiate the tumor area from the normal ones and thereby the doctor get the idea about the area in which cancerous cells are growing. Other imaging tests are

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) scan

Blood tests

These tests are not helpful directly for the diagnosis of thymus cancer but somehow helpful in certain cases. Such as a blood test is performed to check that the chest’s mass is not affected by the germ cell tumor or some part of thyroid gland. After diagnosis of thymus cancer, blood cells counts and blood chemistry test are administered to get an idea about the overall health of patient.


It is quite helpful in definitive diagnosis of thymus cancer , it involves removal of some cells as a sample that is examined under microscope by a pathologist. Two basis types of biopsies are

  • Needle biopsy
  • Surgical biopsy

You can get the complete detail of thymus cancer from this link ; what is Thymus Cancer?

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