Causes of womb cancer

Womb cancer is the fourth common cancer in the UK woman. If you are interested to know me about womb cancer then you can read it detail on this page; what is womb cancer?

The doctors don’t know the exact cause of womb cancer but there are some factors that may increase the risk while other may reduce its risk.

It is also exposed in the studies that a woman has more than one child may not become a victim of this cancer.

Here is complete list of Womb cancer’s causes:


The womb cancer is most commonly diagnosed in the women who passed their menopause or in the women between ages of 60 and 69. But it is also shown in the studies that a woman has HNPCC , a gene defect may develop this cancer in the young age.

Being overweight

The woman who is suffering from obesity and overweight dilemma comes  in the category of womb cancer’s sufferers  but the risk of this cancer diminishes for a normal weight woman.

One reason why overweight woman has more risk is the fact that a fatter woman has higher level of estrogen than that of a thinner woman. The high level of fat produce thick lining of womb thereby increases the chances of womb cancerous cell’s growth.

Insulin may be another reason for the higher risk of womb cancer in overweight women. The basic purpose of insulin is the body unlocking by consuming the energy of our food. In the presence of high amount of fat in the body, insulin doesn’t work effectively. Body produce more insulin but it not works well that’s why high amount of insulin may lead to womb cancer; this is also proved by some studies.

Diet and alcohol

Diet plays a small role in the womb cancer’s risk factor or cause. It is shown in the studies that the including high amount of fat in the routine diet may directly and indirectly increase the risk factor of womb cancer. A woman may have low risk of womb cancer if she includes Coffee, vegetables, fibers and isoflavones that is found in soya-based food though, in the diet; there needs more evidence for supporting this relationship of womb cancer with diet.

It is revealed in the studies that a woman who regularly drunk 3 or more units of Alcohol in a day has more chances of womb cancer development than that of a woman who never drunk

Menstrual history

Some time the cause of womb cancer is linked with menstrual history as period may increase the risk  becuase it may lead to high level of oestrogen production  in the body. Following problems may direct to womb cancer such as irregular bleeding during and after the menopause, infertility, late menopause after age 25, irregular periods, early periods etc.

Family history and other cancers

When a woman has colon, rectum or breast cancer on past that this history may give birth to womb cancer.

It is shown in the studies that the a woman whose mother was a vistim of womb cancer may also hit by same disease.

This cancer may be caused by a faulty gene that pass from one generation to another so may caused the womb cancer. In another words when  the women’s close relative had this cancer then the chances  of it transfer to women are intensified. And same is happen due to Lynch syndrome in which a faulty gene may caused the bowl cancer  and womb cancer

Endometrial hyperplasia

It is a benign condition in which the lining of womb become thicker and thereby increase the risk of womb cancer/

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is also called Stein-Leventhal syndrome ; it is a condition in which cysts grow in the ovaries . A woman who is suffering from PCOS may have to bear various situations such as infrequent periods, overweight,diabetes, high blood pressure , lack of periods, and fertility problems due to hormonal imbalance. So in some studies doctor point this condition as a risk factor for womb cancer.

Tamoxifen and raloxifene

The risk of womb cancer increases due to a side effect of tamoxifen, a hormonel theraphy for breast cancer.

Diabetes and high blood pressure

Diabetes and high blood pressure are both linked with obesity or with overweight so we may think it may a cause of womb cancer.

Physical activity

In some studies , it is revealed that womb cancer’s risk reduces for a woman who is physically active . The reason behind these factors is that a physically active woman normally has low weight.


A white woman has more risk of womb cancer than that of a black woman.  The exact reason is still unknown.

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