Causes of unknown primary cancer

Unknown primary cancer is among the most common type of cancers that are digonesed frequently in the UK. In this case of cancer, the specialist find it difficult to identify the exact area where the cancerous cells grow. You may get the detailed information  of this cancer from the page; what is unknown primary cancer? .According to one study about 3 out of 100 cancer patients are affected by primary unknown cancer.

There is no specific cause or risk factor of unknown primary cancer but the doctors have identified some risk factors for this cancer. The information about the risk factors may help you to discus effectively about your disease with your doctors.

It is a known fact that the causes of many cancers are relevant and sometimes it may  happen that one cancer becomes a cause of other cancer’s appearance.Here is some causes of unknown primary cancer:

Age: This is a risk factor of many cancers including unknown primary cancer.  The risk of cancer attack grows to be high with increase in age. It is evident in a study that persons diagnosed by the unknown primary cancer usually are of over 60. It means that the risk of unknown cancer is more for a people of over age 60 in comparison of other who is under age 60.


The usage of tobacco in the routine life may be a cause of not only primary cancer but also Lung cancer. Tobacco includes cigarette smoking, chewing tobacco, and cigar smoking. The person who has a habit of smoking may befall a target of unknown primary cancer.

Sun Exposure:

The excessive exposure to sun light is also a major cause of this cancer. It is demonstrated in the research that the people who have constant exposure to sunlight are more likely to be affected by this disease. Sun exposure is also a risk factor of skin cancer.

Radiation Exposure:

The people who had experience some constant radiation treatment in past may become a victim of unknown primary cancer.

Chemical Exposure:

It is shown in the studies that the large amount of chemicals of some manufacturing industries may increase the risk of this cancer if a person has experience of such chemical exposure.

Poor Nutrition:

The intake of poor and unhygienic nutrition in routine life also proves hazardous for a man and may lead to development of unknown primary cancer. One who wants to avoid the risk must include vegetables and fruits in his routine diet.

Lack of Exercise:

The lack of exercise is a minor cause of this cancer so in order to minimize its risk a person must make a habit of exercising.

Family history:

If a person’s close siblings and relative have some cancers such as breast, ovarian, or colorectal cancer then it is possible that he may be affected by unknown primary cancer.

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