Causes of testicular cancer

The causes of Testicular cancer are unknown for the doctors but with the increase in its victims and through advanced technology doctors got some idea of its risk factors and probable causes. But before moving further you must have an idea of what is Testicular cancer? And you’ll get this idea by simply following the link.

Now I’ll highlight the risk factor and causes of Testicular cancer.

A men who has an undescended testicle from his birth may be up to 32 times more likely to develop testicular cancer later, incase this condition is not corrected till age of 11.

Inheritance is also a risk factor or cause for this disease. When a person’s brother, father or older siblings had this problem then the chances of its appearance in that person are higher in comparison of an ordinary person.Another cause of Testicular cancer is the Orchitis , a rare complication of mumps due to  which  painful and irritating swelling of testicles resulted.

Men who have by birth abnormalities and complications of the penis, kidneys or testicles have a higher risk. The fertility problem may become the cause of testicular cancer. A man who belongs to a wealthier social group may indulge in bad practices that lead him toward this cancer emergence. The inguinal hernia may affect the testicular cancer and result come in the form of cancer.

The race factor also countable in this regard. It is shown in the studies that the men who belong to white rate have higher risk than that of men of African or Asian descent and this cancer problem is more common in the men of Scandinavia, Germany and New Zealand.

Sometimes, the abnormal development of Testicular grows to be the cause of this dilemma. For example in Klinefelter’s syndrome in which the testicles not develop properly May give birth to testicular cancerous cell.

One thing that you must consider is that a vasectomy or injury to the testicles may not increase the risk of testicular cancer.

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