Causes of Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer causes are different therefore doctor know hardly  the exact cause of stomach cancer .  There are various risk factors that may develop the cancer in the stomach. You may get the complete detail of stomach cancer by following this link; what is stomach Cancer?

Here are some risk factors that may become the causes of Stomach cancer:

Helicobacter Pylori Infection:

H.Pylori is a special kind of bacteria that become a cause of infection in the mucosa, the inner lining of stomach. Sometimes Stomach cancer is resulted due to H.Pylori infection. There are rare cases in which this bacterial infection turns to be cancer of Stomach.

Studies have found the following risk factors for stomach cancer:

Long-term stomach Inflammation:

It has been observed that the risk of cancer tend to be increase in those  People who removed a part of their stomach as this condition resulted in  long-term stomach inflammation . Sometimes the blood disease pernicious anemia victim is affected by Stomach Cancer.


The smokers have more risk of Stomach Cancer in comparison of non-smokers. The chain smokers have high risk of this cancer.

Family history:

This factor is also considerable in case of stomach cancer. It has been seen that the people, who have close relatives like parents or sisters or brother with this cancer, are also affected by Stomach Cancer.


The poor and non- nutritional diet also caused the stomach cancer. According to some report the diet high with smoked, pickle or salted flavor may result in this cancer. The risk of disease is drops down when a person eat the food that includes fruits and vegetables.


The obesity problem in the person also becomes a cause of stomach cancer.

Physical activity:

The people who remain active have less risk of stomach cancer than that of  a person who are less active.

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