Diagnosis of Penis cancer

Diagnosis of Penis Cancer helps the doctor to suggest an effective  treatment for the patient.  What is penis cancer, this page helps you to get the detail introduction of Penis Cancer.

Tests used in diagnosis of Penis Cancer

Following test are administered by physician in determination of stage, extent and cause of Penis cancer.

Physical Exam:

The doctor checks the penis in order to identify any sign of penis cancer’s growth such as lumps or some unusual things.

Medical History:

The doctor also asks about the medical history, past illness, family history of penis cancer and through these  they get an idea what leads to penis cancer’s growth.


In this test, the doctor removes the small tissue or cells sample so that it is viewed under microscope by pathologist.  This test is really helpful in knowing of growth of cancerous cells and non-cancerous cells.

Imaging Studies of Penis Cancer

Once the doctors get the confirmation about the presence of Penis cancer then they suggest following test so that extent and stage of Penis cancer can be find out.

CT scan /CAT scan:

In this procedure an x-ray machine is linked with computer then a series of pictures are taken from inside the body. The pictures are taken from different angels. Sometimes, the doctor injected a special dye into vein so that cancerous affected area’s pictures are clearly obtained. This test is recognized with different named such as computed tomography, computerized tomography, or computerized axial tomography.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging:

Another imaging study employs to get the more detailed and cross-sectional images of inside body are taken.  In order to increase the quality of pictures a gadolinium,  special substance , is injected into the vein. This substance collects around the cancerous cells  , in picture this area looks more brighter than other areas. This process is known as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI).

Ultrasound Exam:

In this process high energy sound waves bounces off with the tissue or organs and create echoes  . These echoes make a picture, a sonogram of inside body.

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