Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma Cancer

Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma  cancer starts just after the symptoms of it are apparent. If you interested to get an introduction about this cancer then just go to this page; what is Myeloma cancer?

Physical exam and Medical History:

The doctor checks the patient and tries to find out the probable cause of Myeloma.  He also asks about the medical history, previous cancer history and family history.

Following test help in the definitive diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma

Blood tests:

Several blood tests are performed to check the different things like:

Protein level:

This cancer may increase the level of some proteins such as M protein and other immunoglobulins (antibodies), albumin, and beta-2-microglobulin in the blood therefore doctor check the level of these proteins.

Blood cells count:

Anemia, low level of blood cells and platelets may be resulted just because of Multiple Myeloma therefore complete blood count  is administered in order to check the level of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.


This laboratory test is performed to check whether the kidneys are working properly or not.

Calcium level:

The doctor also checks the calcium levels.

Urine tests:

In this test the level of Bence Jones protein, a type of M protein in the urine is checked by the doctors. The high level of this protein increases the risk of Myeloma cancer.


Bone x-ray is done to check how many bones are damages by Myeloma cancer.


This test is the best way to check whether myeloma cells are present in patient’s bone marrow.  Before performing this test the doctor numbs the area with the local anesthesia that provides relief from the pain caused by this test. After this he removes some bone marrow from hip bone or another large bone. The tissue is examined by a pathologist under microscope.

The doctor uses two methods to get the bone marrow sample.

Bone marrow aspiration:

In this method the doctor get the sample of bone marrow with the mean of a hollow think needle.
Bone marrow biopsy:

The physician removes small piece of bone and bone marrow by using a thick, hollow needle.

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