Causes of Myeloma cancer

Myeloma cancer is very rare cancer in UK. What is Myeloma cancer? It is important to know for you because after that you easily get exact idea about  the causes of Myeloma.  The Doctors don’t know the exact cause of this cancer but there are some risk factors that may become the cause of Myeloma.

Research shows that this disease is uncommon in the people who are under age 40.But the chances of Myeloma become some what significant after age 65.  It mean for the older people, the risk of Myeloma cancerous cells growth is more than that of people who are under age 40.

It is also apparent by one study that race is also a considerable risk factor or cause of Myeloma cancer. This cancer is highest among African American and is lowest among Asian countries. Not only the race but also the gender play its role in Myeloma cancer; as each year in US more man in comparison of woman become the victim of this disease. It is not know what the exact reason behind both racial is and gender risk factor.

Family history is another cause of Myeloma cancer, it is said that person’s risk increase in case when his/her close relative had this cancer. Some medical conditions such as autoimmune disease, infection, or long term inflammatory illness may turn out to be the probable cause of cancer.

Lower immunity may results Myeloma tumors in the person ,when he takes HIV or AIDS or medicines after an organ transplant his immunity power reduces and in turn cause this disease.

Myeloma   tumor  also originates due to MGUS , it is the rare medical condition in which abnormal plasma cells start developing M proteins. There are no symptoms and treatments of this condition only test reveal it. That’s why doctors also consider MGUS a factor of risk for Myeloma cancer .

In addition to all above factor, there are some less common factors that lead to this disease. One research shows that the one who exposed to certain chemicals at work may have an increased risk of myeloma. However this study is not fully proved as yet. Risk intensifies for those who have been exposed to high levels of radiation in the past

Researchers also said that  when a person eats a lot of fish, cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli then his risk of becoming the Myeloma victim may trim down.

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