The first thing that comes to mind when Adriamycin is being questioned about is that it is an intravenous drug, hence the procedure related to its usage and in take should be very well checked upon. The generic name of Adriamycin is Doxorubicin. As mentioned earlier, the dosage of such a drug should be paid utmost importance to. For instance, the dose is to be reduced for the patients who are with the condition of impaired hepatic function. This drug is to be given to the patient under the administration of a particular physician who knows enough of this medicine.  This medicine is used for cancer patients undergoing their chemo therapy.

In terms of indications, Adriamycin has been quite successful to come up with regression in the disseminated neoplastic conditions like acute myeloblastic leukemia, neuroblastoma, breast carcinoma, thyroid carcinoma, ovarian carcinoma, malignant lymphoma etc. with all this, the one thing that should be strictly followed while using Adriamycin is that, the therapy related to the usage of this drug shouldn’t be used on those patients who have supposedly marked myelosuppression in their earlier treatment sessions be it with radiotherapy or even antitumour agents. Apart from this, the patients who have already undergone treatments with complete doses of idarubicin, doxorubicin etc, and their treatment are contracted with the usage of Doxorubicin.

With the usage of Adriamycin, there is a high probability of the patient to experience fatal congestive failure of the heart. This threat is not just experienced during the course of the treatment; for there is high possibilities of one experiencing heart failure a couple months post the treatment as well. Hence, special attention is always placed on the cardio-toxicity element of the patient while on this drug.

Cardio-toxicity as such may occur in patients who are on lower doses as well, if they are in advanced age, or with any mediastinal irradiation, or even cyclophosphamide based therapy. Studies reveal that if the patient already has a history of heart related problems then that always adds on to the reaction element while on this drug. Hence, when the dosage is being set, it should be done based on the complete administration of the patient’s condition, the previous therapies he or she has undergone and other health related issues that may or may not react with the drug, but complete information always helps.

The mothers who are pregnant or nursing their infants should stop using this drug especially because of the adverse effects that it has. In terms of adverse reactions, one can experience vomiting, acute nausea, skin reactions based on the radiotherapy that goes on with the usage of Doxorubicin. Other than that one can also experience fever, chills, conjunctivitis etc. However these reactions may occur with the right dosage of the drug as well, which means an over dosage is far worst. Therefore, make sure that the right dose and under the supervision of a well trained physician is being taken.

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