Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic caner is the caner that is formed in the pancreas a small soft glad in the stomach. Pancreas is responsible for the secretion of the juices into the blood and the stomach that regulate the sugar levels and take care of the digestion process.   You may get the complete detail of it from this link; what is Pancreatic cancer?

With the presence of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer like eyes and the skin seems to be yellow and the urine turns dark yellow. As the infection spreads from pancreas to the nearest parts of the stomach pain in the lower abdomen increases after having diet or when going to bed. Pancreatic cancer can result to weight loss, regular weakness and nausea.

Once the cancer is discovered  one has to go for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer with certain tests that can detect the cancer so that the cause of Pancreatic cancer . These tests are:  Ultrasound Techniques: The ultrasound techniques include the CAT scan, Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), Endoscopic ultrasound cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). These tests are used to detect the lumps in the pancreas

Angiography: It checks the vessels that are near to the pancreas. Ultrasound scan is the best way for diagnosis of pancreatic cancer: In this sound waves are used to examine the liver and the pancreas.

CT scan and MRI scan:

CT scan is used to test any problem in the diagnosis and the MRI is done with the help of magnetic waves to check for the cancer tissues.


It is used to take the x-ray of the pancreas for diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and the test also takes the x-ray of the gall bladder with which doctor can test on the cells and provide the accurate treatment.


It  is another mean for diagnosing pancreatic cancer: This is one such treatment that is done with the help of the tube with camera and small incisions are made in the body. Diagnosis of the pancreatic cancer many help in the prognosis of the disease. If the disease is diagnosed earlier better is the prognosis. Generally pancreatic cancer diagnosis has poor treatment because when the symptoms show up then it will be too late as the disease will be in the critical stage. But diagnosis helps attaining a better treatment of pancreatic cancer.

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