Diagnosis of Melanoma cancer

Diagnosis process of Melanoma Cancer usually involves some imaging technique and advanced screening methodologies. You may check the complete detail of this cancer from this link; what is Melanoma Cancer?

Now it becomes usual that the doctor employ unique combinations of various handheld devices such as dermoscopy, dermatoscopy, or epiluminescence microscopy; through this combination the diagnosis becomes feasible. It is possible that a physician gets an idea of exact cause of Melanoma cancer and thereby find it easy to suggest the best treatment of Melanoma cancer.

Skin Biopsy

It is said that skin biopsy helps a lot in the exact diagnosis of cancer and through it a doctor is able to differentiate between cancerous and non-cancerous growth of cells.

Skin biopsy means the removal of skin tissue as a sample that is examined by a pathologist under microscope. There are different types of skin biopsy depending upon the penetration level of lesion in the skin.

  • Shave Biopsy:
  • This biopsy is used to get a sample from the upper level of skin with the help of a thin surgical blade or scalpel. It is helpful in the diagnosis of basal cell cancer.
  • Punch Biopsy:
  • It is employed when the lesion penetrates deep into the skin. The doctor removes the skin sample through a round, cookie-cutter-like tool.
  • Incisional and excisional Biopsies:
  • These biopsies are used when the tumor penetrates more deeply into the skin. In incisional biopsy, a part of tumor is removed while in excisional biopsy doctor removes the entire tumor.

Lymph Node Biopsy:

This biopsy is performed to check whether the cancer has spread to one or more lymph nodes or not.  This procedure is named as SLN Sentinel Lymph Nodes. This test is suggested for the cancers thicker than 1 millimeter.

In this procedure, the doctor injected either a radioactively labeled substance (radioisotope) or a blue dye into the tumor site. This substance moved to the sentinel node (first lymph node where any cancer spread) with the system of lymph. This node is removed and biopsied.

Based on the result of this biopsy, the doctors decide whether it is necessary to remove the lymph nodes or not.  When there are some signs of cancer are shown in the sentinel codes then the doctor remove the nearby lymph nodes otherwise not.

Other Tests used in Diagnosis of Melanoma cancer are:

Blood test:

It is employed to determine the areas where cancer has spread.  The high level of lactate dehydrogenase means the cancer has spread . Some blood test are also taken to check the liver function

Computed tomography (CT) scans ;

In this test , an x-ray machine is connected to a computer and then series of pictyres  of the chest, abdomen or pelvis are taken . this scan helps the doctor to identify whether the melanoma has spread at the time of diagnosis or to monitor it after treatment

Positron emission tomography (PET) :

This scanning process makes it possible for you to check whether the cancer has spread to other areas or not. With the help of such scan a patient may avoid unnecessary surgeries.

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