Diagnosis of Liver Cancer

In order to determine the stage of liver cancer, a doctor use different blood tests, diagnostic imaging, biopsy, or a combination of such diagnosis processs. If you want to know the detail of liver cancer then just follow this page ; what is liver cancer?

The diagnosis process starts with;

Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP):

The doctor performed this test to check the level of Alpha Fetoprotein. The increase level of this protein in the body means hepatocellular carcinoma that is a common type of the liver.  When this cancer is suspected then the doctor administered some blood test to determine the liver function. Through blood test, the doctors come to know the exact treatment of cancer based on the cause of liver cancer.

Imaging Studies:

With the mean of imaging studies, the physicians pinpoint the exact location and condition of liver cancer. The imaging techniques help the doctor to indicate the extent, size and density of a tumor.

Following imaging studies are employed in the diagnosis of liver cancer.

Triphasic CT Scan:

This scanning process is used to identify the extent of liver cancer.  Through Triphasic CT scan ,  the images of liver, gallbladder , bile ducts and lymph nodes are produced during three different phases of blood flow through the liver. This technique is useful in determination of extent of tumor growth in the liver and its surrounding organs.

Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging technique is employed to get the detailed cross-sectional images of the liver. These images help the doctors in proper diagnosis of liver cancer.


This method is used to know whether the tumor is cancerous or non-cancerous. With the mean of sound waves, the exact location and number of tumors are spotted. Ultrasound also helps the doctor to decide on tumor involvement with the blood vessels.


This technique is used to distinguish between benign tumor and malignant tumor.  The removal of tissue is made through a fine needle and then this sample tissue is checked by a pathologist under microscope.


The doctor inserts a laparoscope, a thin lighted tube having a camera on the tip into the abdomen through a small incision so that they can view the liver and its surrounding organs.  This test is accompanied with biopsy. The laparoscopy is performed to avoid the major surgery.


Through this test a doctor pinpoints the extent of body or cancerous cell’s prevalence in the other parts of the body. A tube named as Catheter is inserted into that blood vessels which take blood toward liver.  A special dye is injected via tube and in this way the dotor sees the blood vessel in the liver.

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