Diagnosis of Larynx Cancer

The larynx cancer’s diagnosis process involves various testsand methodologies that help the doctor in identification of exact cause of larynx cancer and its suitable treatment.

Here are some tests that are usually employed in the screening of cancer of larynx.

Physical exam:

The physical exam is the best way to check the patient’s neck, thyroid, larynx, and lymph nodes for abnormal lumps or swelling.  In order to look into throat the doctor normally said the patient to press down his/her tongue.

Indirect laryngoscopy:

When a doctor sees any kind of abnormalities and swelling then he moves ahead to suggest some test; in this regard this test is performed by him.  The doctor looks down the throat with the mean of a long handed but small mirror. He examines the vocal cord moves and some abnormal areas.   This test is administered in the doctor’s office and in order to provide the patient relief, the physicians spray a local anesthesia in the patient’s throat.

Direct laryngoscopy:

Sometimes it becomes impossible for the doctor to diagnose the larynx cancer through in- direct laryngoscopy; in this case he turned to other test named as direct laryngoscopy. In this exam, a thin , flexible lighted tube (laryngoscope) is inserted to throat via nose or mouth.   Through this way physician can easily see that areas of throat that can’t be visible in mirrors. For maintaining the patient’s comfort and ease during this method doctors uses a local anesthesia by taking  which  the patient goes to sleep.

CT scan:

Computed tomography scanning is used to create the series of  detailed images of neck area. In this test an x-rays machine is attached to a computer. In order to get the clear picture of tumor , the doctor often inject a special dye into the body of patient and due to this dye the larynx and its associated areas are shown more obviously . This imaging test is perfect for the screening of tumor.


When the doctor sees the abnormal areas during the exam then they suggest the biopsy.  The biopsy means the removal a tissues as a sample from the larynx . This sample is evaluated by pathologist with the help of microscope. According to specialist, Biopsy is only the best way to find out ,whether a tumor is cancerous or non-cancerous.  You may get the complete introduction of Larynx cancer from this article; what is larynx cancer?

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