Diagnosis of Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is not very common in the people of US therefore we find only some diagnosis and screening tests of this cancer.  The detail introduction of this cancer is posted at this page ; what is Kidney cancer?

When the symptoms and signs of kidney cancer appear then the doctors suggest one or more test for the proper screening of it.  Here are details of these test:

Physical Exam:

Normally the diagnosis of each cancer begins with the physical exam of patient.  The doctor made a thorough examination of abdomen and side area for the feel of tumor. In this exam, physician tries to check the fever and high blood pressure that are usual situations of cancer start up period.

Urine test:

The purpose of this test is to check for blood and other signs of disease.

Blood tests:

This test is performed to check the proper functioning of kidney. The doctors also checked the level of certain substance for example creatinine .  the level of  this substance increases when the kidneys are not working effectively.

Imaging Studies:

Intravenous Peylogram (IVP):

In this advanced technology test, a special dye is injected into the vein of the arm. This dye moves in the body and accumulates in the kidneys. With the mean of x-rays the doctor keeps a track of this dye that moves from kidney to the ureters and bladder. In this way, they get an idea of tumor growth in the kidneys. Sometimes they diagnose some problems of kidney other than cancer.

Computed Tomography /CT Scan or CAT scan:

This is another scanning process of kidney cancer, in which an x-rays machine connected to a computer so that a series of detailed pictures of inside areas of kidney can be shown.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scan)

MRI is a special imaging process in which the magnetic waves are created through large magnets. These waves are targeted to the body and thereby clear cut cross-sectional images are produced on a computer. Sometimes, the doctors used a special dye to get the more clear result. This picture is checked by the doctors in the screening of exact cause of kidney tumor.


In this test the sound waves are used to create a picture of kidney and this picture is named as sonograms. Actually these sound waves bounces off the kidney and then a computer make sonogram with the help of echoes.  The tumor of kidney can easily be appeared in the sonogram.


It is regarded as the most affective method of diagnosis. In this the doctors remove a small amount of tissue with the help of a thin needle from the kidney. This sample tissue is evaluated completely under microscope by a pathologist. The doctor may take help from x-rays or ultrasound whenever they are going to remove the tissue from the internal organ because through it they readily know which area is perfect for the sample extraction purpose.

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