Diagnosis of Gallbladder cancer

The doctors used different tests in the diagnosis of Gallbladder cancer. If you want to read the detail introduction of this cancer then just follow this link; what is Gallbladder cancer? Normally the doctors consider different factors and things before suggesting a test for the diagnosis of this cancer. For example age and medical condition, previous test results, the type of cancer suspected and severity of symptoms are some factors that must have to considered by the doctors before recommending any treatment and test of Gallbladder tumor.


In this test the doctors remove a small amount of tissue as a sample that need to be examined by a Pathologist under microscope. The pathologist examines this tissue, evaluates it and then tries to know the exact cause of gallbladder cancer. There are different ways to be employed for the biopsy; the doctor may go for a surgery; for a core biopsy/ fine needle aspiration;  for CT/Cat scan.

The doctor sometimes combines the endoscopy with the biopsy. First they insert the endoscope, a thin, lighted, flexible tube, into the first part of the intestine by the way of stomach and mouth. A tool then passed to the escape  for the removal of a sample of tissue.

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP):

With the mean of this test the doctors are able to see the inside area of  the body.  At start the doctors lightly sedated the patient so that an endoscope can be easily passed from mouth to esophagus and then to small bowel via stomach.  After inserting the endoscope doctor passed a smaller tube or catheter into the bile ducts. A special dye is injected to ducts and afterwards  tumor prevalence is checked  by taking x-rays.  This test is usually performed by an expert gastroenterologist who is specialized in the function and disorder of gastrointestinal tract. Normally this test is used to get the confirmation of cancer growth in the bile ducts but it may be used for gallbladder , in case the gallbladder cancer spreads and blocks the bile ducts.

Percutaneous cholangiography:

In this advanced technology procedure, the doctor insert a thin needle into the gallbladder via skin and a special dye is injected. In this way the high quality contrasted images will be shown on the x-ray. By checking these images, the doctor easily diagnoses the cancer growth in the bile duct and in gallbladder.


The doctors used an endoscope to see the inside area of body such as gallbladder and other internal organs in the laparoscopy. The doctor performed this test after the small incision. The tube is inserted in the abdomen after this incision.

Blood tests:

Through blood test the doctors try to examine the abnormal levels of bilirubin and other substance. When the bile duct is blocked by the gallbladder cancer then the level of bilirubin chemical exceeds therefore doctor check the blood sample.

Imaging test such as CT scan, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, x-rays and PET scan can also be used for the diagnosis.

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