Diagnosis of Eye Cancer

In order to identify the effective treatment of the eye cancer, the doctor needs to thoroughly evaluate the patient’s condition. Interested to get the knowledge of eye cancer, just follow this link; what is eye cancer? . The diagnosis method of this cancer is started with the physical examination.

Physical Exam:

This exam comprises of various information that the doctor get through medical history, previous test result and the question that he asked from patient about the sign and symptoms and his/her age.

Eye Examination:

This exam is performed just after the physical exam. Normally, the doctor diagnoses the melanoma during this examination. In order to check the eye, a doctor uses a lighted instrument called an ophthalmoscope and a slit lamp (a microscope with a light attached to it).


In this test, the detailed pictures of eye are created by using sound waves.

Fluorescein angiography:

In this examination, the doctors injected a special dye named as fluorescein into the arm of patient. This dye moves into the body and also in the blood vessels that are present in the back of eye. The doctors take the several pictures of these vessels to diagnose the eye cancer. This angiography may be used for identification of other eye problems instead of cancer. Indocyanine green angiography is an alternative of this process, in which doctors uses indocyanine green instead of  fluorescein

Fine needle biopsy:

Fine needles biopsy means the removal of the tumor cells from the eye with the mean of fine needle. A pathologist checks these cells under microscope to know the exact cause of eye cancer. This test is not usually employed because the doctors diagnose the eye melanoma without it.

Tests for metastases and risk of metastases:

Sometimes it happened that the eye cancer spread to other parts of body usually in the liver so in order to check this the doctor may used different tests.  The doctor may test the levels of liver enzymes in the person’s blood or may go for other test such as :

Computed Tomography/CT Scan:

In this test three –dimensional images of inside body are created with an x-ray machine. This machine is then connected with computer to get the detail of tumor growth and its associated abnormalities.

Positron Emission Tomography/PET scan:

In PET scan, the doctor injected a radioactive substance into the patient’s body. This substance absorbs in the cells that used more energy just as tumor. A scanner is used to detect the tumor.

Chest X-rays:

This x-rays is suggested by the doctor to check whether the tumor has spread to lungs or not.

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