Diagnosis of Endocrine Tumor

The diagnosis process of Endocrine tumor or cancer includes different physical exams and test. If you want to get the complete understanding of Endocrine tumor diagnosis then it is better to know first what is Endocrine Tumor?

The diagnosis process of this cancer is summarized as follows:


This test is quite useful in the definite diagnosis of endocrine tumor . A pathologist removes the small amount of tissue in order to examine it thoroughly under microscope. There are different types of biopsy process based on the location of the tumor. Two most common are Fine needle aspiration and Surgical biopsy.

Fine needle aspiration: in this biopsy a doctor injects local anesthetic into the skin close to tumor for numbing the area. After that the doctors insert a thin needle into tumor to remove a small amount of tissue and some fluids. A doctor may repeat the same procedure two or three times so that different samples are collected from the different areas of tumor. A report is given by Pathologist after the examination of this sample and it may be positive or negative.

Surgical biopsy:  In this test the tumor and possibly other tissues in the area will be removed by surgery.

Laboratory tests:

In this test the samples of the patient’s blood, urine, and stool are taken to detect the abnormalities of hormone levels, glucose levels etc.

Neurological examination:

This test is performed to check the central nervous system. It includes the evaluation of the reflexes, motor and sensory skills, balance and coordination, and mental status.

Imaging tests:

Bone Scan:

In this scan, a doctor looks into the bone with the help of a radioactive material .  The doctor injects the material into the vein and after sometime it collects in the bone’s areas and then it is monitored by a special camera.  The area that is invaded by cancerous cells appears dark as compared to the normal area.

Computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan:

In this method , a three –dimensional picture of inside areas of body has taken via an x-ray machine. This image lets the doctors to detect the abnormalities resulted due to endocrine cancer.


The doctors look inside the body with the help of endoscope, a thin, lighted, flexible tube.  A doctor may uses the colonscope that is another type of endoscope to diagnose the tumor in the lower section of the digestive system.


Magnetic resonance imaging process is used to produce the detailed images of body through magnetic fields.

Sometimes the doctors may go for Positron emission tomography (PET scan) or for Radionuclide scanning (OctreoScan) to know about the extent , stage and cause of Endocrine cancer.

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