Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

The diagnosis of breast cancer means the identification of tumor based on the signs and symptoms of it. If you want to get an introduction of breast cancer then follow this link; what is breast cancer? There are many tests and procedure that are done for the analysis and diagnosis of breast cancer. In addition to diagnosis the doctors also try to know about some features of cancer such as size, tumor grade, hormone receptor status, HER2/neu oncogene over expression and margins of resection.

Here is some tests commonly used in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Clinical Breast Exam (CBE):

The woman aged 20-30 years old must go for the this exam. If any abnormalities or irregularities are found during this exam then doctors may suggest a mammogram or an ultrasound that may clear the status of this problem.


This is a very popular imaging method employed for the identification of breast cancer.  In this test images are created by compressing each breast of patient. After that these images are checked to identify the tumor presence. This process helps the doctors to detect 85 to 90 percent of all breast cancers.

Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

It is an advanced technique that shows different detail of your breast than that of a mammogram. In this method a strong magnet is connected to computer for getting the images of patient’s breast. This process is more expensive than that of mammogram.
Elastography :

It is the latest technology used for the detection of breast cancer .  It shows better result than mammography, ultrasound, and MRI. It helps the doctors to distinguish between the benign and cancerous growths of breast tumor.  it can identify a cancerous lump without a biopsy.

Pathology Tests

It comprises of two types of test one is tissue test and other is fluid test.

  • Fluid test :

In case the breast lump is suspicious then this test is administered.  A pathologist may go for Ductal Lavage or for Aspiratio. In Ductal lavage process pathologist inset a tub into the breast to get the fluid from the breast duct and after that this fluid is screened via microscopic examination. It is also named as “Pap smear for the breast.” While aspiration tests, the doctor’s suction a sample of fluid from the lump with the mean of a fine needle and after that this sample is tested.

  • Tissue Tests:

It include breast Biopsy, in which a surgeon removes a small tissue from the breast and later on this tissue sample is screened.

With the mean of these tests the doctors try to know the causes of breast cancer so that they may proceed for the treatment of cancer.

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