Diagnosis of Brain cancer

The diagnosis of brain cancer includes different techniques and processes. If you don’t know about the brain cancer then you should first visit this page; what is Brain tumor ?.  At the start of diagnosis process, the doctors try to know more about the problem of patient that’ why they asked different questions regarding the symptoms and signs that felt by him; asked about his medical and family history .

After getting such information, the doctors first go for neurologic exam.  This check up includes checks for alertness, muscle strength, coordination, reflexes and response to pain. An eye exam is also administered in order to examine the eye swelling that is resulting due to tumor pressing on the nerve that connects the eye and the brain.

There are different test and exams that are requested by the doctors based on the results come after the physical and neurologic examinations

Computerized Tomography (CT):

It is an advanced method that is used in the diagnosis of brain tumor.  In this test a series of detailed pictures of brain are created with link of computer and x-Rays machine. These images let the doctor to spot the tumor existence in the brain. Sometimes , the doctors may injected a special dye into a vein before scan  and due to this dye it become feasible for the doctors to make a difference in the tissues of the brain.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):

In this test, a powerful magnet linked to a computer with the mean of which the pictures of brain are created. Sometimes dye may be used for making difference in the tissue of the brain. The color difference of tissue also helps the doctors to detect the tumor of brain.

Angiogram/ Arteriogram:

In this method the doctors takes a series of X-rays after injecting a special dye into an artery. The dye flows through the blood vessels of brain and then doctor see it on the X-rays. With the mean of such procedure the doctors identify the brain tumor.

Brain Scan:

In this test the doctors identify the tumor of brain by observing the areas abnormal growth in the brain that is recorded on a special film. At start the doctors injected a small radioactive material into the vein. This material is not dangerous and leaves the body within 6 hour. This material absorbs in the tumor therefore growth shows up on the film.

Some other test that make it possible for the doctors to identify the cause of brain cancer and also help in diagnosis are Biopsy ,MR spectroscopy, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) , functional imaging , Myelogram etc.

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