Diagnosis of bone cancer

The doctors used different techniques and methodologies for the diagnosis of bone cancer. Interested to know about bone cancer? Feel free to visit this page What is Bone cancer? Normally some imagining studies are suggested by the physician for the diagnosis of bone cancer.


It is usually the first test in the diagnosis process of bone cancer. Through X-rays doctors came to know the type of cancer and also get an idea whether this cancer is malignant or benign .On the X-rays images ,benign tumors are more likely to have a smooth border while malignant tumors are more likely to have a ragged border.

CT scan/ Computed Tomography:

It is an advanced technique in which the doctors get clear cross-sectional images of patient’s bones. With the mean of CT Scan , physician easily identify the bone tumor and also find the detail of this tumor such as its location and size.

MRI / Magnetic Resonance Imaging:

This process provides the cross-section pictures of bone to the doctors. This is more advanced technique in comparison with CT scan that’s why it offers better and clear results. The doctors find it easy to collect the detail of the soft tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels

Bone Scan:

This test is used to spot areas of rapidly growing or remodeling bone.  it may be used for other conditions such as for infection , fracture and arthritis including bone tumor. The doctors suggest this test to scan any other areas of bone involvement throughout the body.

When the tumor is identifies via such tests then the doctors try to know the exact cause of bone cancer by combining the details that they get through physical exams,  medical history and test results.


In case the tumor is identified, the doctor removes a sample of tissue to determine the kind of tumor.  The doctors either used needle biopsy( a small needle ) or incisional biopsy( a small incision) for removing the bone tissue. There come different imaging studies that make it possible for the doctors to recognize the easiest and safest location from where the sample tissue will be removed for biopsy.

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