Diagnosis of Anal Cancer

The doctors  are employing  different tests and procedure for the diagnosis of anal cancer. If you don’t know what is anal cancer then first you should follow the link. Before staring the diagnosis process normally a doctor demand the medical history of the cancer patients  that lets him to understand more about the your anal problem. He also get the information about the immune system, CD4+ lymphocyte count, medication etc.  it is alos possible that  the doctor want to know about any history of anal warts, dysplasia or anal problems.

The doctor try to gather more and more information from the patients that’s why he is asking about some symptoms and signs of anal cancer that  observed by them.  It is really important that a patient co-operate with his doctor as much he can.  When a patient discussed everything clearly with his doctor then it become possible for the doctor to suggest the best treatment depending on the causes of anal cancer.

In order to know more about anal cancer and its stage, the doctor suggests some tests that help in the proper diagnosis of this cancer.

Here are these:

Digital Rectum Exam (DRE):

In this test a doctor or a nurse insert the lubricated finger or gloved into the rectum to get an idea of abnormalities. If during this process a physician found a mass, a thickening, an area of hardness, a lump, an area of localized tenderness or an ulcer then he readily suggest the patient to get the treatment from a doctors specializing in anorectal problems.  It is possible that a person didn’t find any sign or symptoms of this cancer yet he is a victim of anal cancer.   In that case through DRE test exact diagnosis is possible.

High Resolution Anoscopy HRA:

With the mean of a microscope  the physician tries  to check the abnormalities of anus such as ulcerated areas, thickened areas and lesions containing abnormal vessels. After screening of these abnormalities the doctor try to assess these areas.

Colonoscopy or Sigmoidoscopy or Proctoscopy:

In this exam of anal cancer, a doctor uses short and light tube named as proctoscope for inner examination of anum and rectum.  This tube is featured with a tiny video camera that makes it possible for the doctor to get inside view of colon.

Endo–anal ultrasound:

This is a special kind of ultrasound in which high energy waves are utilized for creation of an image of the internal side of body. It is a new technique that is employed in the  diagnosis of  anal cancer .

Rectal Biopsy:

A biopsy is a process in which a sample of tissue is removed and then analyzed in order to confirm the cancer prevalence and its stage as well.

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