Causes of Spinal Cord Cancer

Although there are number of cancers ,the causes of which are not known by  exactly yet among all the cause of spinal cord is really difficult to predict for the doctors. It is a known fact that this cancers originates due to genetic defects as spinal tumors cells contains a number of abnormal genes. What is Spinal Cord Cancer? Want to know about its detail then kindly click on the link.Sometimes, the researchers find it hard to know the probable cause of gene alternation that lead to appearance of Spinal cord tumor. However they know some how that this cancer starts to appear due to some familial cancer syndromes such as:

Neurofibromatosis 2: In the case of this heredity disorder, some non cancerous cell grows on or near the nerves that are associated with hearing. The accumulation of these cancerous cells leads to progressive hearing loss in one or both ears. The people who are victims of this disease have more risk of tumor development in other tissues. The excessive growth of abnormal cancerous cells produces tumors in the arachnoid layer of the spinal cord or in the supporting glial cells.

Von Hippel-Linden Disease: This is a  rare multisystem disorder that may become a cause of tumor growth (Hemangioblastomas) in the brain, retina and spinal cord and with other types of tumors in the kidneys or adrenal glands.

It is proven by the study that spinal cord lymphomas normally appear in the people whose immune system is weak or is compromise by medications or disease. We just hope with the advent of new technology the researchers will find soon the exact cause of defective genes that in turn  results in production of Spinal Cord tumors in human. Until that time we have to rely only on these limited information.

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