Causes of Vulva Cancer

For the doctors, it is really difficult to indicate the exact cause of this cancer; however they know that this cancer start growing when a cell develops mutations in its DNA. Due to this mutation a cell grows and starts developing rapidly. The accumulated cells takes place of other cells and start invading nearby tissue and at last spread to other parts of body. This is a summary of what is Vulva cancer? If you are interested to know this cancer in detail then just clicks on the link.

Here are some causes and risk factors of Vulva cancer;

The first and foremost cause is chronic pruritus of vulva with dryness, swelling and friction. This condition may increase the risk factor of this cancer .Not only this but chronic Vulvar Granulomatous disease may also lead to appearance and development of vulva cancerous cells in the body of woman and thereby this cancer originates.

A woman who is the patient of diabetes is more likely to be a victim of Vulva cancer than that of a normal woman. The no specific treatment of Pelvis cancer may cause irradiation of the skin of women and this situation turn to be growth of abnormal cell growth. Obesity is also the cause of many problems including vulva cancer.

Sometimes the sexually transmitted diseases such as Herpes Simplex, Condyloma Acuminatun (the cause of which is human papilloma virus) give rise to Vulva cancer in most of women. The pigmented moles may lead to this cancer, when constantly irritated by clothing and perineal pads. Hypertension is also a cause of this dilemma.

The Vulva cancer may originate in any age even it affect an infant and its occurrence also common in the women of 60s. Sqaumous cell cancer is the most common type of vulva cancer.

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