Causes of Trachea Cancer

The cause of trachea cancer is still unknown for the doctors but they are doing some research to reveal what exactly lead to development of tracheal cancerous cells. If you don’t know what is Trachea cancer then feel free to visit this page; What is Trachea cancer?

Now we again come to discuss some probable causes of trachea cancer. In most cases of this cancer doctors get no information about any cause. On the other hand, the squamous call cancer of trachea is resulted due to a viral infection sometimes. While the doctors also linked smoking habit in the human with this type of trachea tumor.

Squamous cell cancer of trachea is also depending on the age factor; as the disease increase with the increase in age. According to some studies it is revealed that this form of trachea cancer is more likely to affect a man over age 60.

Some studies have shown that both man and woman are equally affected by Trachea cancer and it becomes apparent between 40-60 ages. Though in another study, it is said that a man is are more likely to become a victim of this tumor in comparison of woman. The main cause of this problem in man may be the excessive smoking habit.

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