Causes of Thyroid Cancer

It is really difficult for the doctors to explain the real and actual cause of thyroid cancer. But they can say one thing with full confidence that thyroid cancer is non-contagious, mean one person cancer t catch it from other person. Before describing the risk factors and causes of Thyroid cancer, I would like to lead you toward the complete detail of thyroid cancer that is available on this page; what is Thyroid Cancer?

Here are some risk factors that increase the possibility of Thyroid Cancer appearance;

Radiation: The people who exposed to intense level of radiation have higher risk of this cancer emergence in comparison of other people. There are generally two main sources of these radiations; one is radiation exposure in X-Ray treatment while other is radiation in radioactive fallout.

Family history: Due to change or alternation in RET gene , Medullary thyroid cancer resulted.This altered gene passed from parent to child and in this way everyone has the risk to be affected by this altered gene which will lead to thyroid cancer.

According to study, it is demonstrated that the people, who have family history of goiter or certain precancerous polyps in the colon, have more chances of papillary thyroid cancer development. However there are a few cases of cancer patients who become the victims of cancer just because of this inheritance problem.

Gender: In the United States, it is proven by survey that the women are more likely to develop this disease than men.

Age: Mostly, the people over age 40 are the victims of thyroid cancer than that of other. The anaplastic thyroid  is more common in the people over age 65.

Race: It is demonstrated by a study in United States that the white people have more risk of thyroid cancer than that of African American.

Diet: This factor also becomes the cause of Thyroid disease. The people who take insufficient iodine in their routine diet may be hit by this disease. In order to avoid this problem you must have to take proper iodine diet especially add more salt in each dish.

It is also possible that a person who has these rsik factors not develop disease while a person who hasn’t any of these factors may develop this disease. In this case only a doctor can suggest the proper treatment for the patient.

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