Causes of Thymus cancer

The doctor normally doesn’t know the exact cause of thymus cancer. However, you can read a detailed introduction of it by following the link what is Thymus cancer?

It is evident in some researches that thymus cancer is developed just because of some changes in the humans DNA and these changes may become a cause of thymus cancerous cell growth.

DNA is a material in our cells that developed genes and then control the all functioning of our cell. So any change in it disturbs the proper functioning of cell thereby cause abnormal growth of cell. When DNA does not control the cell in a right manner then they start multiplying and diving in an uncontrollable manner and all this lead to development of cancerous cells in the body that accumulate and start invading normal cells; this process continues initiate thymus cancer

It is apparent in some studies that thymus cancer may be caused in a person if his close siblings had this cancer earlier.

Thymus cancer may spread from one generation to another just because of defects in genes.

In some researches, the excessive exposure to radiation to the upper chest area is regarded a risk factor and a probable cause of thymus cancer .Though in other studies it is not considered the cause of  Thymus cancer

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