Causes of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is very severe form of cancer so if you want to know its detail then go to this page .What is Skin cancer? The major cause of skin cancer is the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Energy from sun is a form of radiation that combines the visible and other invisibles rays. UV radiation is also categorized under invisible rays. When our skin is exposed to this radiation then the intense energy of it leads to sunburn and sun tan cases.
The ultraviolet rays from the sun damage the DNA that is a genetic material which developed the genes. The genes are responsible for controlling the growth and overall health of our skin cells. DNA affects leads to genes damage .When the situation of genes damage touches extreme level, the normal skin cell start to growth and multiplies in a random and uncontrollable manner and gives birth to cancerous cells.
Ultravoilet rays not only cause sunburn and sun tan situation but these rays turn the younkers skin to older ;wrinkles and scales are start to appear on the surface of skin.
There are two kind of UV radiation; one is UVA (Ultarvoilet A) and second is UVB (Ultravoilet B)
It has proven by the scientist that intense exposure to UVB is the major cause of Skin cancer and UVA is also contribute to the cancer risk some how.
The people who want to avoid the skin cancer must use sunscreen products that protect the skin from both UVA and UVB.
Inheritance is another cause of skin cancer when the parents or other close siblings are the victims of skin disease. The disease may transmit from parents to children through genes.
Age may be a risk factor of skin cancer. Mostly, skin cancer appears when a person cross 60 years age limit but some time it signs appears earlier.

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