Causes of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer may result due to different factors but the exact cause that leads to production of cancerous cells is still unknown for the physician. The researchers have left no stone unturned to know more about causes or probable contributing factors of this disease .Though, they indicate some factors.

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Now we will describe the some risk factors of prostate cancer.

1. Testosterone: it is the male hormone that not directly causes the prostate cancer but it is said that it feeds the growth and development of prostate cancerous cells. In order to reduce this risk, sometimes the doctors blocked the testosterone production as a part of prostate cancer’s treatment.

2. Age: According to research into aging, it is demonstrated that the chances of prostate cancer growth is more in the men who has over age 50 in comparison to those who has under age 30.Actually, it has proven by researchers that with the increase in age some biochemical reactions lead to production of abnormal cells that in turn cause the cancer growth in the human’s body.

3. Heredity: In case any of man’s father, grand father or an older sibling has this cancer then of course the chances of this cancer emergence in him boost up. The men belong to African American race have high risk of this cancer in comparison of one who belong to other race. The scientist are trying to find out the genes that are responsible for inherited prostate cancer. The genes that are investigating for this purpose are named as Hereditary Prostate Cancer Genes 1 and 2 (HPC1, HPC2) and HPCX.  But one point of noteworthy is that inherited prostate cancer prevails differently than the cancer which results due to other cause. The researchers still investigate this inheritance cause deeply so we may get some more information in this respect in near future.

4. Genetics: According to research findings, it is evident that sometime the genetic defects may become a cause of prostate cancer. Due to a genetic defect the ability of men to produce enzyme retards and thereby absence of this enzyme lessen defense power of men. Once defense system ends, the production of cancerous cells increase leading to last stage of prostate cancer

5. Diet: It is demonstrated in the studies that risk of prostate cancers increases when men routine diet includes high amount  of animal fat. This situation differs when diet based on high fruits and vegetables (tomato-based products) as risk of cancer diminishes due to such diet.

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