Causes of Penis Cancer

Just like all other cancers the doctors don’t know exactly what cause the Penis cancer. However, the researchers bring into light the main and minor causes of penile cancer .What is Penis Cancer? Want to know then follow the link.

It is said that the incidence of penis cancer is some what more in uncircumcised men especially in the men who don’t properly clear the area under foreskin.
Smegma is the cheese-like secretion that present under the foreskin may cause the Penis cancer if it is not cleared by men time to time. It is also proved that smegma has the capabilities to develop the cancers properties in men. It is really important to maintain the personal hygiene.

Penis cancer adversely affects the penis of man and this disease is rare in the men of US and Europe.Some other risk factors including smegma are:

It is described in the aging process that more age of men starts biochemical reactions and thereby increase the chances of penile cancerous cell growth. Mostly the men of over age 60 are targeted by this cancer.

Inheritance also plays a minor role in the occurrence of Penis cancer. A man may become its patient when his father or an older sibling already has this cancer growth. On the other hand, the risk of inheritance is not very great than that of other risk factors.

Infection of HPV is the main cause of Penis cancer .It is shown in the study that around 5 out of 10 men with penile cancer have HPV infection.HPV is a virus that is transmitted skin to skin contact during sexual intercourse. HPV is the common virus and it doesn’t only cause penile cancer in men but also a cause of Cervical cancer in women.

Smoking also boosts up the risk of penis cancer; during smoking you inhale toxic and harmful chemicals that usually affect your organs. The presence of these chemicals cause damage to penis cells and result come in the form of abnormal cancerous cells growth. Smoking also weakens your immunity system and due to this habit your immune system doest not fight with HPV so lead to cancer development.

One thing to consider is that increase risk factors in your body not always lead to penis cancer. It simply means that increase risk will amplify the chances of cancer occurrence in men. There come some treatments that will help to lessen up these risk factors.

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