Causes of Ovarian Cancer

It is very important for you to know about what is Ovarian Cancer? Before you read the causes and risk factors of this cancer.  The doctors do not know what cause cancer to spread in ovaries of woman. However, it is necessary to get some idea of some factors and situation that lead to originate the ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is very common in the women of developed countries and especially in those who faced menopause situation sometime. First risk factor or cause that is quite considerable is the faulty inherited genes that termed as BRCA1 and BRCA2. The presences of these genes increase the development of not only ovarian cancerous cells but also the malignant cells of breast. But it does not mean that if your close relative such as your mother, daughter or sister suffered from this cancer then you may become the victim of it , this cancer occurs as a matter of chance.

According to some researchers the process of tissue-repair may be caused  ovarian cancer. This process follows the monthly egg release by ovulation during the woman’s reproductive years. Sometimes, genetic error results during the formation and division of new cells at the rupture site.

Other causes of ovarian cancer include HRT, obesity, smoking, and endometriosis, overweight. HRT is the Hormone Replacement Therapy. If a woman goes for this therapy more than five year then may be this continuous exposure starts ovarian cancer .It is also said by the researchers that abnormal cell or ovary cancerous cells growth stimulates just because of increased hormonal levels before and during ovulation.

The woman who is overweight or faced the obesity problem may encounter ovarian cancer. Sometime menopause delay or early periods may become the cause of ovarian cancer.The risk of ovarian cancer becomes less common in the women who are using the contraceptive pills or have more children. The more children reduce this risk. The women who breastfed their children or had a hysterectomy may not become the victim of ovarian cancer in their life.

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